what is 5G technology? Advantages and specifications

5g technology
5g technology

5G stands for "5th generation". It is the next advanced level of mobile network communication. 5G will change the whole world communication technology. You can say that these generations are nothing but improvements in internet speed.

Do you remember doors simple, light, and durable phones like Nokia 1600, Nokia Asha, Sony Experia, and many more? but have you ever thought about how fast the way we jump from those boxed phones to slim and multitasking mobiles? This happened due to the drastic, sudden but step-by-step change in mobile communication technology. These steps were G, 2G,3G, 4G, and now 5G.

The upcoming human life will be based on 5G that is the fifth generation of mobile networking. This will be totally different from the old ones.

first-generation or 1G Technology gave us analogue phones by which we can call each other.

Second-generation or 2g allowed us to send message and record.

Third-generation or 3G based upon the use of smartphones and fast broadband services.

Fourth-generation or 4G boosted the speed of 3G Technology.

But 5g is different. It is like going from Earth to Mars within a second. it is totally different from the other generations of Technology.

What will 5G do?

5G will allow you to control the electrical consumption of your home. Your refrigerator will decide when to order vegetables from the market using a self-driving truck. Your washing machine will decide when and how much clothes should it wash. Today we are living in a high-tech world where we need to command or regulate the device like a TV, washing machine, and etc. But during 5G machines will consult you all take their own decisions.

 Which countries have 5G?

Today mostly the developed and developing countries like the USA, China, Japan, India are trying to establish a fully operational 5G network for their citizens. At present china stands at the top with 341 cities, the USA with 279, South Korea with 85 cities, and Spain with 53 cities.

Can 5G be used for IoT?

IoT stands for "Internet of things". Via IoT, we can connect our electronics devices to the Internet and use them for making life better. The best example of IoT is "Arduino". It is a microcontroller that performs several as commanded by the user. we can control lights, motors, and Bluetooth devices using it. 5G will help these devices to communicate faster with other devices.

In the 5th generation, machines will be talking with each other and with humans also. To build a strong 5G network we need to establish new towers because the lakhs of new devices are waiting to connect with this network. So that they(devices) can chat with each other, synergy with each other to make our life easier, unlike it was. Life will be so easy which one may not imagine.

For example:-

when you will go to the office using a self-driving car, it will automatically connect with nearby devices like bikes, other cars, and even with a traffic light to drop you at your destination safely.

5G will link the soul of these electronic devices with each other in the fastest manner. But there are some problems in 5G networking. As all the sensors will be connected with each other, so stability needs to be maintained during connections. Otherwise, it can lead to dangerous situations.

Advantages of 5g technology:-

  • Greater Bandwidth
  • faster Upload and Download speed
  • data rates up to 20 Gbps (theoretically) practically around 100 Mbps
  • lower latency
  • High network Capacity
  • immediate response
  • High Consistency
  • Gigabit LTE

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