7 killing features of the latest Brave Browser

Brave Browser
 Brave Browser

Today we have many options among web browsers for searching on web-like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. Each one has its own unique features and characteristics. Now we have one more option as “Brave Browser”.

Brave browser owner

The brave software is created by the “Inventor of JavaScript programming language and former CEO of Mozilla corporation” Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. Now Eich is the CEO of Brave software. In 2016 company brought the “Brave” before the world with user priorities like ad-blocking, privacy while browsing, and revenue sharing method.

Brave is a new player in the race of browsers because on 2nd September 2008 google launched “Google chrome”, Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, Apple’s Safari in 2003, opera mini in 2011, and Microsoft Edge in 2015.

brave browser written in

It is an open-source web browser created by brave software and it is totally free for use. Brave is written in a combination of many languages like C, C++, JavaScript, and Rust. It works on almost all popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Brave is created using the “chromium” an open-source codebase for a web browser controlled by google.

Note:- Chromium is an open-source codebase for a web browser, principally developed and maintained by Google. Microsoft Edge, opera, and chrome are created using this code.

What is unique in brave?

Increased Speed

In Brave the webpage load 3 to 6 times faster as compared to other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and etc. This speed is the result of the ad-blocking feature due to which the data required for showing ads saves.

Flexibility along with switching

If you want to set Brave as your default browser, no need to take tension. Brave makes this simple by providing you “Import and bookmarks setting” in the main menu. Through this, you can import the data of the previous browser in .exe file format.

Brave Rewards

Brave uses an adblocking technique but uses a different method for providing funds to content creators. In Brave browser, you earn flyer tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads and can use these tokens to fund your favorite content creators. Brave automatically distributes your funds to the site owner on the basis of the time you spend on a particular website. Or you can select top sites on your own.

Privacy and safety

Brave's top priority is users' safety while browsing. Brave fights malware and prevent tracking, due to which any third party cant show ads. The Brave servers never collect your browsing data, due to which data remains in your device until you delete it on your own.

Automatic HTTPS

Whenever you search on the web, Brave automatically make a list of the site enabled with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure) due to which you only see the SSL enabled website, hence you will never see the insecure connection. whenever brave detect any malware or plugin threat for security it automatically disable it.

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Is brave a safe browser?

In February 2020, Trinity college at Dublin published a report in which many web browsers are tested on various parameters. But in privacy protection, Brave stands in 1st position (most private browser); safari, chrome, and Mozilla Firefox stand in 2nd position, while in 3rd position Microsoft and Yandex are present.

Is the Brave browser better than Chrome?

Privacy is the most important part while working on the web. As the big giants like google and other companies use your search data to show you ads while surfing the web. Many people do not bother about it, but there are some peoples who care about privacy. If you are among those then Brave is definitely a good choice.

One of the major difference between Google, Bing and Brave is; Brave do not collect IP address or use personally identifiable information to improve search results and it has its own independent search index.

Google is 1st choice of the user because it help you to find exactly what you want, and instead he used our browsing history to show ads.

How do you go incognito on brave browser?

  • Open the Brave app on your desktop.
  • Click on three horizontal line icons present in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Now click on new incognito.

How does brave browser make money?

Brave is the first company in the world that uses BAT (a basic attention token) to generate revenue. Brendan Eich found that the $330 billion digital advertising industry has some loopholes which can be filled with new techniques, thus he launched BAT in 2017.

BAT is a decentralized, transparent digital advertising platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. In November 2019 Brave launched brave ads, a new ad network in which the brave keep 30% of revenue with itself and the remaining 70% of users. Users can distribute their BAT by themselves to their favorite content creators or can enable the auto to contribute, after which the company automatically divides contribution in proportion to the time spent on a particular creator.

Till today brave has completed $382.2M transitions volume by this Ethereum chain. It has 12 M wallets along with 1M content creators.

Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain-based, decentralized software platform used for its own cryptocurrency, ether.

How do I get brave today?

I myself installed a brave browser on my laptop as well as android mobile. Brave today's news is easily available on laptop browser but not on android. To see "brave today" you just need to open a brave browser and scroll down you will see news.

Does brave browser sell your data?

Brave says it never save or track the data of any user, it collects your data only when you switch on your rewards or sync.

Bottom Line

Today brave has 25 million active users and in the future brave might beat Chrome and become the most used browser.

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave said" We expect to see even greater demand for brave in 2021 as more and more users demand real privacy solutions to escape big Tech's invasive practices".

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