5 Cloud Computing Benefits you must learn now

Cloud Computing Benefits
Cloud Computing Benefits 

Cloud computing is a method(technology) in which data of users is stored in a huge server and provided on-demand to them. Due to which the user doesn't have to rely on their storage devices. Thus cloud computing benefits are very large.

1. Cost saver

In the present condition, each and every business whether it is small or big requires low cost and high production. Cloud solutions help in this situation. It minimizes the expenses without losing productivity. In Cloud computing, you do not require any investment in hardware or software. In cloud computing, we need to pay for what we "store". cloud computing can save your time as well as money.

2) Assessable everywhere

Any user who has a cloud account can access his data from any device anytime and anywhere in this world. The data is stored in the server and all servers are interconnected hence anyone can access it 24×7, whether you are abroad on vacation or in a remote area. The only thing you required is an Internet connection.

3) Affordability (Cloud Computing Benefits)

It is a major reason due to which many companies prefer to move their business on cloud best technology to learn business smoothly. There are some businesses that run in a particular period of the year, such seasonal business requires storage for that particular period of time and in a cloud platform, you can do so.

4) security

The cloud technology is protected from hackers, accidents, disasters and is equipped with all types of defensive measures like filtering, patch management, and cryptography techniques. You can fully rely on cloud Technology for the security of stored data.

5) Bring equality

In business cloud computing help small and medium-sized businesses to compete with big bulls in businesses with the "pay for what you use" modal. Now companies do not require to spend a huge amount of money to built IT infrastructure to run their business. They can do whatever they want by paying rent for those activities.

6) Total Control

Cloud computing helps the owner to manage his employees inefficiently manner. The owner can look at what his employees have completed by evaluating the work completed by employees in quicker and easier ways. Cloud computing allows you to extract particular information from a huge pack of data. 

Example:- A company ABC has 50 employees and the company uses cloud technology to store data. Boss wants to check the annual growth report of the company prepared by employee Z. So he will search it on the company database present on the cloud server because the file uploaded on the server by employee Z is accessible by all the members of the company. So no need for physical contact between the boss and owner. This saves time and money. 

7) Flexible 

While using cloud computing Technology no need to wait for years to upgrade hardware. Cloud supports all types of new advancement in software, hence you can start new applications and software without any doubt. 

8) No effect from natural disasters

In cloud computing technology you can store data in cloud servers instead of your server room. If any natural destruction occurs like an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or anything else. Power loss is a common problem in such situations, then also you can keep on working with the data stored on the cloud server using an Internet connection.

9) Future scope 

In this competitive world, every company wants to grab the maximum market share of its industry. They want to reach maximum consumers in less time and cloud computing can help to do this, hence today each and every company tries to go online. cloud computing benefits

10) Provide larger scope

 Cloud technology is a great time saver. You can use your company's information communication technology department team for other dangerous works rather than keeping them just to handle and manage company data.

11 ) No device and location limitations

You can access your data stored on a cloud server using any device. This prevents you from carrying your own device with you anywhere you go.

Ex:- Your Facebook account total information is stored in one of the servers of Facebook. Hence you can log in to FB your account from any mobile, laptop, or cafe present in New York, Tokyo, or anywhere in this world. cloud computing benefits

12) Automatic updates

Depending on your cloud service provider you will regularly be updated according to current technology.

13) Zero Maintenance

No or minimum maintenance required for your cloud related applications. As they can be accessed anywhere they don't require any strict installation.

14) Huge network

 You can share the data stored on cloud server with n! number of people.

15 ) No tension for storage

According to your chosen plan you get almost unlimited amount of storage. Hence no need to worry about storage space.

16) Quick response

As you move your business on cloud platform, within no time you can start your work without any delay.

17) Environment friendly

Using the cloud you save infrastructure requirements for an IT department. In this way, you save the hardware and indirectly nature.

Who is the biggest cloud provider?

  1. Amazon web services
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google cloud platform
  4. IBM cloud
  5. Oracle
  6. VMware
  7. Salesforce
  8. Alibaba

Is cloud storage expensive?

Amazon S3 Standard $0.023/GB (first 50TB per month)

Microsoft Azure Hot Blob Storage $0.0184/GB (first 50TB per month)

Google Cloud Storage Standard $0.026/GB (first 60TB per month)

Who controls the cloud?

In our sky clouds, a huge amount of raindrops are captured inside them. In a similar way, "Information cloud" large no servers are placed inside a huge building in which the data of users are stored. Ex:- Oracle, IBM cloud, and more.

Bottom line

Today very small no of peoples in this world use cloud computing for everyday and business purposes. But in future almost all will use clouds storage for their purposes. Cloud computing has very huge potential.

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