Top 5 weird laws in the world you need to know


weird laws

1. These names of babies are banned in many countries

Wherever a baby is born in the world, he is named. In a country like India, there are no special rules for naming a baby. So parents can choose any of the child’s names.

However, in many parts of the world, parents do not have the freedom to name their babies. The information about which countries are there and which names are banned there is very interesting.

France, a leading country in fashion and modernity, has banned the use of names that could be ridiculed for life. The names of relatives, strawberries, daemons, Prince Williams, and Mini Cooper are banned.

while Germany has strict rules for naming newborns. Matti, Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Koel, Stopy are not named here.

In Switzerland, children’s names are kept with prior permission. There are no names like Judas, Chanel, Paris, Schmidt, Mercedes. weird laws

In Iceland, a baby has to be registered within six months of its birth. Even then, if the name is to be different from the names on the official list, it must be approved by the Iceland Naming Committee. “Zoo, Harriet, Dunken, Enrique, Ludwig” are banned here.

In Denmark, the government has compiled a list of names from which the baby’s name has to be chosen.
Jackie, Aslay Sly, Ans, Monkey, Pluto are not named here.

Hansen, Johansson, Olson, Hagen, Larsen are banned in Norway. In Sweden, the baby’s first name cannot be placed on a banned name. It is not possible to put a name here that will hurt others or those who use the name. These include Metallic, Superman, Ica, Elvis.

In Malaysia, animals, numbers, or names of royal and honorable persons, food or insults cannot be named. It does not have the names of snake, sex, hump, mad.

2. Wearing blue jeans here is a punishment

There have been many cruel kings and dictators in the world today. Stories of their cruelty can still be heard today. They also have a culture of wearing clothes in different countries of the world.

However, there is a country in the world where you will be disturbed by the frenzy of the dictator. In this order, if people wear blue jeans, they are given a terrible punishment. There are many such stories of this dictator.

The name of this country is North Korea and the name of the dictator is Kim Jong. Wearing blue jeans gives people in our country a terrible punishment. In fact, blue jeans are the first choice of people all over the world.

Kim Jong Un has banned blue jeans in his country. He considers America as his enemy. Kim Jong Un says that blue jeans are a symbol of American imperialism. So he has banned the wearing of blue jeans all over the country. weird laws

Anyone who violates this rule by mistake is thrown straight into jail and severely punished. Not only that, but Kim has also banned internet use in his country. As a result, North Koreans have no access to the outside world.

They don’t even understand how the people of the world live. Not only that but watching porn is also a crime in this country.

3. Drinking and cycling is a crime here

Cameras and technology have a big role to play in Japan’s progress. But technology alone cannot be given full credit for the safety of its citizens. Strict laws, anti-crime laws, and punishments in the country make Japan a safer country.

In 2018, Japan was ranked ninth in the Global Peace Index. According to a United Nations report on drugs and crime in Japan, in 2018, there were 0.28 homicides per 1 million people in Japan.

Citizens of Japan can sleep peacefully, this is due to police laws. These laws are 200 years old. In Japan, it is called Koben. Cobain has 2 to 3 police officers. These employees take care of the safety of the citizens, the goods. There are 6600 such Cobain across Japan. weird laws

Another strict law in Japan is that drinking and cycling under alcohol are punishable by fines and imprisonment. It is also forbidden to wear headphones, ride a bicycle, use a phone, or use an umbrella while riding a bicycle.

Citizens of Japan have a special observance of this law. Many homes and shops in Japan also have a ‘Kodomo 110 Ban in the Lay’ sticker. This means that children can use this space as a shelter home if they are in trouble.

4. If you murmur about other in this country you will be punished

Murmuring about each other is common throughout the world and especially women are pioneers in this work. But this kind of gossip is only done in the case of celebrities and we read gossip about them with great interest.

But now this kind of gossip has spread from home to office, from the street to the parliament, to the corners.
Often these gossips also spread rumors. But now this gossip has led to a different case.

This has led to the administration banning gossip in Binlon in the “Philippines”. So if you gossip here, you will face punishment.

The administration is saying that this law will make people aware of what we are saying. The law is designed to make us aware of what we are talking about as responsible citizens. weird laws

If you are caught gossiping under this law, you will be fined Rs 721 for the first time. He or she will also be punished by picking up trash on the road for three hours. If you break the law a second time, you will be fined Rs 1,400 and sentenced to 08 hours of social service.

5. To stay here, you have to remove an organ from the body

Every country or province has certain rules for living. In some places, it is mandatory to have a passport, visa, while in some places only a legal requirement has to be fulfilled. Similarly, there is a place on earth where you have to remove an organ from your body in order to live.

This strange rule is binding not only on adults but also on children. In the village of “Villas Las Estrellas” in Antarctica, those who wish to stay longer are required to have their appendix surgically removed. The appendix is ​​the part of the end of the intestine.

After the changes in the human body in the process of evolution, there is no work left for this organ.
Therefore, it is considered an unnecessary organ in the body. Often a particle of food gets stuck in it and starts to rot. That organ then becomes infected.

If the infection lasts longer, the appendix may rupture and a person may die. That is why appendix removal surgery has to be done before living in the village of Villas Las Estrellas. The population of this village is about 100.

The nearest hospital is about a thousand kilometers away on “King George Island”. There is another condition if you want to live in this village. There are no written orders about that; But still, it has to be obeyed.

Scientists and soldiers living there with their families are advised to do not pregnancy their wives or any of the women in the family. Because of the lack of medical facilities, becoming a mother here can be life-threatening. weird laws

Most of the people living in that village are scientists or their families. Chilean air force or naval officers are also stationed there. Instead of a few weeks or months, they live there for a few years. Before going there, they undergo surgery to remove the appendix so that no medical emergency may arise.

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