Amazing facts about animals and birds everyone should know


Amazing facts about animals and birds everyone should know

You might have seen lots of amazing facts about animals and birds but I'm sure you didn't know about these facts.

1) The mussel species has iron teeth

There are many creatures whose teeth are very sharp. They can kill a hunter with those teeth at once.

Scientists have discovered an organism whose teeth are made of iron. Teeth are usually made up of calcium. But rare ferrous metals have been found in the teeth of these organisms.

This creature eats stones with these teeth. The most annoying thing is that this creature belongs to the mussel species. Generally, mussels are very soft. But the teeth of this creature make it hard, not soft. People call this creature Bandering Meatloaf.

In scientific language, it is called Cryptoshitone Stellari. This creature is commonly found on rocky shores. Scientists have also been perplexed by the organism's teeth and the way it eats.

This creature looks red like a piece of meat. Scientists have found rare iron ore satabarbrite in the teeth of this organism. The body shape of this organism is oval. Its shell is made of calcium.

It can grow up to a maximum length of 14 inches. Dark Jester, a researcher and associate professor at Northwestern University in Illinois, said Wandering meatloaf eats stones.

This creature can pierce any stone with its teeth. The iron found in his teeth is very rare and strong. Dirk Joster said that Santa Barbarite makes Wandering Meatloaf's teeth very strong.

It is commonly known as Giant Pacific Shelton and Giant Gumboot Shelton.

2) amazing facts about the seal fish who sings 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

Researchers in Scotland have made a startling discovery of a gray seal. This seal fish can mimic a human voice and sounds like 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star', the researchers say.

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews have shown three trained fish mimicking popular music. The true information discovered by the team of researchers was published.

The study provided researchers with an opportunity to better understand vocal learning and human language.

This research suggests that seals can be very important in the study of speech problems. Because it uses the speech tube in the same way that humans do.

3) A unique bird with 8 legs found in Africa

Nature created some creatures that are unbelievable to look at. Have you ever seen an eight-legged bird? If not here's a new product just for you!

This photo shows a bird walking on its eight legs. This bird is native to the African continent. Do they really have eight legs? The specialty of these birds is that after laying eggs, the female bird finds another mate.

As such, the new Jacana bird has to fight with its old mate. The winner bird is allowed to stay with the female bird and have intercourse.

Among the birds of this species, the female lays her eggs and leaves for food and drink. There is no work difference between males and females.

The two do all the work together. These African jacana birds are about 30 cm long, while the female birds are larger in size than the males.

They are known for their unique legs. Their legs are as long as a heron's and their claws are spread.

These birds are famous all over the world for their feet. The African jacana has only two legs. So, how do you see so many legs in a photo? So the story is funny.

Male birds need to take care of their young. They play an important role as fathers. When the chicks are small, the jacana birds wrap them in their wings and hold them a little above the ground.

They hide the chicks in the wings. But their feet stay out. So it looks like they have so many legs.

4) How long can scorpion live without food?

When you hear the scorpion, you imagine a creature with a pointy sting containing venom and a back with somewhat like crabs.

 However, scorpions do not have only little characteristics. This creature is unique in many ways.

He can survive without food for a year. Also, its poison can be useful in many cases.

Not only in India, but in many hot places around the world, these creatures live under the soil and sand, in the rocks too.

The science magazine 'Popular Science' has made a special report on “Scorpians”. It says that scorpions can eat small insects, lizards, and even small snakes; But occasions can go without food all year round.

Most scorpions are two to three inches long. They can easily catch small insects with their claws; But in order to catch large prey, they first sting it, weaken it with poison, and then catch it.

In summer they are more active and go out hunting at night. In winter, they slow down the metabolism in their body.

So they can go without food all year round. Because of this feature, they can survive in very hot places, even in hot deserts. amazing facts

5) Oldest living thing on Earth

The Guinness Book of World Records records the name of the giant tortoise originally from Seychelles, the world's oldest, able-bodied tortoise.

The turtle's name is Jonathan and Jonathan turned 187 in 2019. Jonathan has seen two world wars in his life.

Given Jonathan's current age, he must have been born around 1832. That is, Jonathan was born at a time when the idea of ​​telephone and photography did not even exist.

Born on the small island of Seychelles in Africa, Jonathan was moved to St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean in 1882, when he was fifty years old.

Jonathan was brought to the island as a gift to the then-governor.

After arriving on the island, Jonathan lived with several other turtles.

However, Jonathan's young have not yet arrived, as he does not have a suitable female turtle.

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