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 If any foodie asked you which are the most expensive food in the world? that time you might think about the highest price of any food item available at any restaurant in your town or you may imagine KFC or Dominos, But in reality, there are some foods which any richer person can afford. These are some of the most expensive food items in the world.

The world's most expensive as 'French fries'

Chefs around the world are doing something creative. It was also hotly debated on social media. Such a unique dish is currently the subject of intense discussion.

‘French fries’ is one of the most favorite and popular fast food of the present era. But 'French fries' in a restaurant in America have become well-known overnight.

Two chefs at Serendipty3 restaurant in New York have set a unique record. Together they have created the most expensive food as 'French fries in the world.

The two have named these expensive French fries Creme de la Creme Pomme Frites. This dish is prepared by Chef Joe and Chef Frederick.


To make the most expensive French fries in the world, the two used Chipperback potatoes, LeBlanc French Champagne, Dom Parganan Champagne, Vinegar, Guerrero Truffle Salt, Truffle Oil, Italian Made Cheese, Truffle Butter, Organic A2 Fed Cream and Edible Gold.

When the two chefs put French fries for sale in the restaurant, one customer immediately bought them for 200 US dollars, or about Rs 14,992.

The most expensive sandwich in the world

The world's most expensive sandwich is made at the Ritz Hotel in New York City, USA. The genuine gold-plated sandwich costs about 214 US dollars, or Rs 13,847.

The sandwich is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive food like a sandwich in the world. Those who want to eat this sandwich have to order it two days in advance, says Joe Calderoni, chef at the Ritz Hotel.

Calderoni says the idea of ​​making it the most expensive sandwich in the world was born on the occasion of National Sandwich Day, which is celebrated every year in the United States.

This sandwich uses very good quality cheese, which is first baked on a pan and then added to the sandwich. Cheese is considered to be very good for digestion, so chefs say that cheese is mainly used in these sandwiches.

After adding cheese to the sandwich, the sandwich is made by filling it with tomatoes, cucumbers, and other delicious fillings.

The most expensive mango in the world

Mango is a favorite fruit of citizens of many countries around the world. As we all know that mango is called the "king of Fruits". This is the reason why India is a leading country in mango production but there are many varieties of mangoes available here.

Although the Noorjaha mango is the most expensive in India in terms of value, it is the most expensive in the world but Not the most expensive mango.

The most expensive mango in the world is grown in Japan. The name of this mango variety is "Taiyo no Tamago" which means "Egg of the Sun". It is grown in Miyazaki prefecture of Japan.

This mango is sold every year but as usual, it cannot be bought in the market. This is because this mango is cultivated after receiving a special order. This means that mangoes have to be purchased in advance.

The characteristic of this mango is that it is half red and half yellow and ripens in the middle season of summer and cold. This mango has a mild flavor of pineapple and coconut.

When the tree bears fruit, it is wrapped in a net. Care is taken to ensure that the sun's rays reach the fruit. These mangoes are not available in shops.

The price of 1 kg of tea is 9 crores

We all love tea. There are many types and flavors of tea available all over the world, which are just a few of the fun things to drink.

But have you ever heard of the most expensive tea leaves in the world?

The Da Hong Pao tea found in China is one of the most expensive tea leaves in the world. The price for 1kg of tea leaves is Rs 9 crore. "Da Hong Pao" cultivated in the Wushan area of ​​Fujian in China.

This tea leaf has many beneficial properties. These tea leaves are very beneficial for health. That is why it is also called life-giving.

A cup of tea costs Rs 1000

In a small stall in Kolkata, people have to pay Rs.1000 for a cup of tea. Partha Pratima Ganguly, who lives in Kolkata, launched Nirjash Tea Store in Mukundpur in 2014 and started selling different types of tea for Rs 12,000 to Rs 1,000 per cup.

This tea at Rs. 1000 per cup is very unique. More than 100 types of unique teas are made at this small tea stall.

According to social media, tea starts at Rs 12 per cup to Rs 1,000 per cup. This is "Bo-Lay Tea" and it is priced at Rs 3 lakh per kg.

Other types of tea here include Silver Needle White Tea, Lavender Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Wine Tea, Basil Ginger Tea, These include Blue Tea, Teesta Valley Tea, Cornbury Tea, Rubio Tea, and Okti Tea.

Most importantly, seven years ago, Parth Pratima Ganguly was working in a company. But, she decided to go ahead and do something bigger.

Not only that, she later decided to quit her job and start her own business. Thanks to her hard work, she is at the pinnacle of success today.

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Most expensive pasta in the world

We have read about much expensive food so far, but if this list does not contain the world's most eaten food, then the article will look incomplete here, and that is pasta. This pasta is found in the Bice restaurant of Midtown Manhattan, America.

This marvelous pasta is created by using homemade Tagliolini pasta and topped with 1kg of fresh lobster along with black truffles.

overall pasta is served on a gold leaf plate decorated by Gianni Versace. The luxurious pasta is served with other items like fried calamari, chocolate mousse, and gratuity. This awesome pasta is created by chef Silverio Chavez. 

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