5 most beautiful villages in the world 2022



A replica of the whole village woven of wool

You may have seen a replica of a city structure to this day. Most often this replica is made using plaster of Paris, cardboard, or similar materials. But the women of Cloughmills, a small village in Northern Ireland, have made a replica of their village by weaving wool.

This small village has beautiful two-story houses on either side of the main road, the village has a small market, a post office, and even a restaurant. There are five churches in this village with a population of only around two thousand.

There are also other small to large government buildings, gardens, etc., and all this we get to see together, in the woolen replicas of the village made by the women of this village. villages

The women who wove wool in the village 'croche' method came together and formed a 'croche group' and this group made an impressive replica of their village by weaving wool.

The replica is on display at the village's Memorial Orange Hall. May Acheson, who lives in the same village, founded the Crochet Group six years ago. The group, which had few members six years ago, now has 30 members.

In this replica, along with all the houses and buildings in the village, there are also buildings that once existed but are now in a state of disrepair.

It also houses a shirt factory that once existed. Now that a replica of her village has been created, these women are said to be considering replicating the city of Belfast.

A visit to the village submerged in the lake after 91 years

Lake "Resia" in Italy has come under discussion recently. The lake has a 14th-century church tower, which makes it famous.

But now that it has come under new discussion, the history of this village is worth knowing as the remains of an old village sunk under the lake are visible.

According to a BBC report, the water in the lake has dried up after several years of repair work. As a result, the remains of a village submerged under the lake for decades are now visible. villages

Located on the border of Austria and Switzerland, the lake is called Rescensi in German. In 1950, it was necessary to divert water to build a hydroelectric plant, and accordingly, a dam was built there.

This caused a village called Kuron to be completely submerged. There were hundreds of residents here at that time. About 160 houses were submerged in the dam.

The people of the village settled in a new village nearby. The church in this village was submerged. But his tower was visible on the water.

Louisa, a resident of the village, shared photos of the flooded village on Twitter.
As she walks through the ruins of the village, she says, a different feeling comes to mind.

The village was especially popular with hikers during the summer, and when it was snowing in the cold, it was a pleasure to climb to the top of the church. The village was formerly part of Austria but was occupied by Italy in World War I. villages

Rain does not fall on this beautiful village

Rain is rejuvenation. When we see raindrops on a land heated by the sun, we feel as if the earth is revived.
Rainfall is low in the desert region. But almost all of the world rains down.

The village of Mawsynram in the Indian state of Meghalaya receives the heaviest rainfall in the world. The desert region receives little rainfall. But you can't imagine a happy village where it doesn't rain at all.

Al Hutaib village located in which country?

But even such a village exists in Yemen. Tourists come in large numbers to this very beautiful village. The name of this village is "Al-Hutayib". It is a mountain village west of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

The village is situated at an altitude of 3200 meters above the ground. What is special is that this village has a different connection with Mumbai, the financial capital of India. villages

There are so many beautiful houses built on the hills in this village that it is difficult to take your eyes off them. Seen from any part, there is a view of beautiful nature.

The atmosphere is hot. It is very cold in the morning, but when the sun rises, the heat starts again. It is a fusion of ancient and modern architecture with rural and urban styles.

In this village, rain clouds form at the lower level of the village so it is said that it does not rain here. In a sense, it is a village situated on clouds. The village is inhabited by members of the Yemeni community.

This community is also called Al Bohra Al Muharram. These people were led by Muhammad Burhanuddin. It is an Ismaili sect among Muslims and Burhanuddin lived in Mumbai. He passed away in 2014. But till the end, he used to visit this village every three years. villages

The richest village in South Asia

The richest village in South Asia is in Kutch, Gujarat and its name is Madhapar. There are amazing beautiful houses in this village of 7600 population but there is not a single amenity that is not available here.

This small village has 17 banks with huge deposits. The agricultural income of this village is also strong. The village is directly connected to London Europe.

Because half of the people in this village are living abroad and from there, there is a constant flow of money to the village. The villagers have a club in London and its office is in the village.

The Madhapar Village Association was founded in London in 1968 and the villagers of this village, who live in Britain, meet each other in this club on many occasions.

The village has 17 reputed bank branches with deposits of Rs 5,000 crore. The village post also has deposits of Rs 200 crore.

The villagers of this village prefer to go to London, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, The. He preferred to go to Africa and Tanzania and lived there but he did not forget his hometown.

These foreign nationals are in constant contact with the villagers. At least two people in each household are abroad. villages

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